Author - Paula Golka

impact investing vs sustainable investing

The Difference Between Sustainable Investing and Impact Investing

This article seeks to provide some clarity between the differences in sustainable investing and impact investing, two similar, yet very different, ecologically-friendly investing paths.

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Vegetable rows of peppers on a farm with agriculture

How to make a difference in farming without owning a farm

In the last century traditional farming has changed in very significant ways. Over a short period of time, innovations in farms’ production practices, risk management and business arrangements have allowed farmers to greatly increase their output without raising total input use.

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Sovereign Wealth Funds and impact investing

How to Turn Sovereign Funds into Profitable, Sustainable Investment

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFS) are public investment vehicles, owned and managed directly or indirectly by governments. They're set up to achieve a variety of macroeconomics purposes.

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