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private directed impact investing | Transformation Holdings
Paula Golka

The Importance of Private Directed Impact Investing

Applying ESG criteria to public portfolios in index funds isn’t going to change the world fast enough. What ultimately has an impact are specific investments.

The way the world is going to be made better is by private directed impact investing. 

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corporate responsibility, hand watering plant | Transformation Holdings
Corporate Sustainability
Paula Golka

4 Examples of Corporate Sustainability

Environmental pollution is one of the greatest societal challenges we are facing today. Learn why corporate sustainability is important and four examples to put into practice.

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3 Ways to Invest in Water | TransformationHoldings.com
Impact Investing
Victoria Brodsky

3 Ways to Invest in Water

Water is an essential resource we can’t live without. This makes it a great commodity to help diversify your investment portfolio, especially as concerns around water scarcity increase. If you’re interested in investing in water and adding it to your portfolio, consider these three investment options.

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