World Sustainability Foundation

Locally reducing direct and indirect climate change impact​

Nonprofit Transformation

The World Sustainability Foundation is a new nonprofit arm of Transformation, LLC. The core mission of the Foundation is to identify, prioritize and lead the development and deployment of advanced technologies and processes aimed at mitigating locally some of the direct and indirect impacts of climate change. This is done through program investment, operational support, grants, and commissions.

Our vision is to support the development of a socio-economic environment able to effectively manage the risks related to climate change. This requires adapting to a range of resulting conditions through assessing and managing their impact and developing and deploying long-term mitigation and sustainability strategies.


Improve inefficiencies in production practices

Foster increased data and technology-driven processes

Use market forces to drive environmental protection efforts


Identify inefficiencies in fertilizer use

Improve water model capabilities

Improve storage capabilities of soil

Public Services
Safety and Security

Create a network of academic-private partners

Offer an Independent Validation and Verification capability

Provide operational cyber defense support.

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