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Making the world a better place one project at a time.

At Transformation, we are dedicated to helping clients make strategic investment decisions in a unique, innovative way. Our goal is to focus on sustainability while working to lower risk, creating market-level profits and returns. Our strategy is to integrate the latest technologies—such as artificial intelligence and blockchain—within the industries of agriculture, water, energy, and healthcare.

To better understand what we do, here are three examples of problems in the three main areas we serve (impact investing advisory, venture capital, and project development), and how we’ve helped solve these problems:

#1: Legal & Strategic Advisory for Impact Investors

The Impact Investing Problem

Impact investing is on the rise, but few people have significant long-term experience in this space. Because of this, there has been too much unnecessary trial and error in effective impact investing strategies. In addition, both public and private sector organizations are facing challenges brought on by a growing global population, restraints on natural resources, natural disasters, and distribution and supply chain management. They are pressed to develop sustainable solutions for their businesses, but they can’t always do it alone.

The Transformation Solution

Transformation’s solution is to create an innovative sustainable strategy for each of its clients, which include both impact investors as well as private projects. We do this to improve the resilience of each business and organization we work with for the long term. Our sustainability professionals bring decades of experience to implement smart sustainability principles to our client’s projects to help work towards the UN Sustainability Goals while also protecting their bottom line.

Transformation “Sustainable Advisory” Spotlight:
Texas Ranch Development

One of Transformation’s unique projects has been working with one of our managing directors, an energy economist, to finance and plan a multi-level expansion of the energy and power potential of a large working ranch in Texas. There will be solar, wind and waste-to-energy developments in addition to natural gas distribution. Further drilling and development of the 31,000-acre ranch are also planned.

Though it may seem counter intuitive to engage in a drilling project, Transformation has been able to establish an innovative sustainable development operating plan that would allow for a high probability of providing a maximum rate of return, while also having all of the hallmarks of sustainability and conservation of natural resources.

#2: Venture Capital

The Impact Investing Problem

New solutions to the world’s biggest challenges in healthcare, waste management, energy, food and water are often solved by innovative entrepreneurs and their early stage companies. However, they often don’t receive enough capital to build their businesses to a point of sustainable profit and impact.

The Transformation Solution

Transformation LLC is the General Partner in Transformation Sustainability Venture Partners, which takes advantage of extraordinary venture capital opportunities that align with our overarching mission of creating profitable impact opportunities for institutional and private investors.

Transformation “Impact Venture Capital” Spotlight Company:
Chemical Catalyst for Drug Development and Desulfurization

One of the impact venture capital opportunities engaged with Transformation is a chemical catalyst technology that has come out of a Nobel prize winning professor’s lab. This new discovery is not only making strides in medical drug development, but also in areas like desulfurization of diesel to reduce the negative environmental and human health implications of burning fossil fuels.

#3: Sustainable Project Development

The Impact Investing Problem

Some of the biggest emitters of CO2 are old buildings, outdated microgrids and other outdated sources for energy (like coal fired power plants). It takes well organized collaboration between public and private organizations to arrange for large system upgrades to ensure that power, food, and water systems can handle outages and bounce back from disruptions from natural disasters and growing populations.

The Transformation Solution

Transformation LLC has been approached to organize multiple large scale energy projects both domestically and internationally. The company has been pulling together its resources to capitalize on these opportunities, and secure long term financial security for investors, while inherently creating safer and more sustainable communities around the world.

Transformation “Sustainable Project Development” Spotlight:
South East Asia LNG

Transformation is currently building a consortium around a large opportunity to finance, build, and own two LNG facilities in or near a prominent Southeast Asian city. This facility would supply the five existing natural gas plants in the city with a combined 2,700 MW capacity in addition to supplying CNG for transportation, household and small power utilities groups. It would also raise the economic level of the poorest of the poor through a network of pipelines, small LNG carriers/trucks and related activities.

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