The Transformation Initiative

Who We Are

Transformation is a group of experienced legal, financial, and sustainability professionals, formed with the purpose  of building profit at the convergence of technology with energy, water, agriculture, and healthcare. This goal drives us to create profitable impact investing strategies and opportunities for institutional and private investors.

The CEO and Chairman, Dr. Walter Schindler, is an experienced corporate lawyer, author and investor. An early pioneer in sustainable impact investing, Dr. Schindler has an outstanding long-term track record in this field, along with related strategic and legal advisory services.

Transformation has an exemplary team of managing directors; thought leaders with notable track records in their respective fields and extraordinary international networks. We engage one or more managing directors at a time on a project-by-project basis to carry out our mission.

We put our prominent, thriving network into action to locate clients who are tackling big problems in their areas of interest. Transformation’s goal is achieved by adding extraordinary value to those interests through the creation and application of sustainability, legal, and business strategies.

The Present: Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Sustainability


  • Next gen farming
  • Easy access to crop analytics
  • Smart irrigation systems
  • Soil & light sensors


  • Better infrastructure
  • Digital water systems
  • Water conservation
  • Contamination prevention


  • Power outage predictions
  • Microgrid efficiencies
  • Easier energy exploration
  • Monitor electrical supply/demand

Impact Investment in the markets of energy, water, agriculture and healthcare must have direction, focusing on the impact of improving total system efficiency in one or more of those markets. This result is best achieved through private investment. In addition, Impact investing includes investment into the sustainability nexus where one or more of these areas converge and benefit human and animal health.

In order for any project or investment to be sustainable, it must first be profitable. We must work across the entire spectrum of energy, water and agriculture, and our research and analysis must be based on science and total system efficiency.
Therefore, we redefine Impact Investing as:

Where Sustainability Meets Profitability – for the Future and the Present.

The Future: Self-Sustaining Impact

Although our current goals for Impact Investing are profitability, feasibility, and practicality, the future is the fulfillment and execution of these goals to achieve a global system of industries that provide self-sustaining impact and profits. 

Welcome to Transformation:

Transformation LLC

Transformation LLC is the holding company for sustainable impact investments including global energy projects, agricultural projects, water investments, international joint ventures and more.

Transformation World Capital, LTD

Transformation World Capital, LTD is an Impact Investing Platform – a new initiative to combine the work of providing a better world with the practicality of building profit.

Transformation World Capital, LTD includes:

  • Transformation World Capital Fund
  • Transformation World Sustainability
  • Transformation World Agriculture
  • Transformation World Water
  • Transformation World Energy

World Sustainability Foundation

World Sustainability Foundation helps people manage risk. The core mission of the Foundation is to identify, prioritize and lead the development and deployment of advanced technologies and processes aimed at mitigating locally some of the direct and indirect impacts of climate change. This is done through program investment, operational support and grants and commissions.