[Forbes] Investing In Racial Equity Across The Food System

racial equality and equity
Posted by: Dr. Walter Schindler Category: Health, News

[Forbes] Investing In Racial Equity Across The Food System

The world’s farmers are producing more than enough food to feed the global population, yet more than 690 million people worldwide go to bed hungry. Why can’t we solve this fundamental human equation? Contrary to common belief, I don’t believe hunger is the result of poor logistical food-transport plans. The root of worldwide hunger and food insecurity can be found in discriminatory policy choices and biased financial allocations over generations. As a result, many people of color disproportionately experience hunger, poor wages, environmental contaminants and diet-related health disparities.

Investors can move from transactional to transformational impact strategies that produce systemic change and long-term profitability. Continue reading here.

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