European Union regulations

New GHG reporting requirements for products imported into Europe

CBAM, the European Union's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, has definitive impact on foreign manufacturers. Find out what CBAM is, and how it impacts you.


Dr. Walter Schindler – A poet, a scholar and Impact Investor

The best way to achieve a sustainable environment is not only through government initiatives but through market forces, says Walter Schindler.

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Coins with sprout

Walter L. Schindler, PhD, JD, “Game Changer of the Year” for Transformation LLC Announces Publication of His New Book

Take this journey with Dr. Schindler and you’ll find yourself on the Bridge to the Future with a revitalized and beautiful world before you.

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Hands breaking kernels off corn, close-up

[Forbes] Three Ways To Invest In Indigenous Foodways To Impact Food Security

There are many systemic social and environmental problems embedded in the current model of large corporate-driven food supply chains.

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Sphere and Circle Levitation

[Forbes] How Companies Can Support A Circular Economy

In our increasingly industrialized and populated world, the current model of production and consumption of goods and materials cannot meet consumer demands sustainably. The global supply chain is dominated by the linear economy, an economic model in which raw materials are processed, used and then discarded as waste. In 2010, the volume of raw materials entering the system amounted to about 65 billion tons. Unfortunately, raw material extraction and discard have only increased over the years. As a result of high input and heavy reliance on fossil fuels, this single-use approach is a leading producer of greenhouse gas emissions.  Investing in the circular economy can play an instrumental role in accelerating the implementation of sustainable solutions. Click to read full article.

investing in consumer diets

[Forbes] How And Why To Invest In Consumer Diet Change

Changing human consumption patterns requires cross-sector collaboration and action. By intentionally deploying capital in areas such as improved education, localized and sustainable food systems and equitable access to healthy food, investors can remove formidable barriers to consumer diet change.

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racial equality and equity

[Forbes] Investing In Racial Equity Across The Food System

Investors can move from transactional to transformational impact strategies that produce systemic change and long-term profitability.

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Light bulb glowing in soil as idea or energy concept | Forbes

[Forbes] The Fifth Dimension Of ESG Investing

There is a rising tide of enthusiasm and capital for environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing. However, the good news about ESG is also the bad news. Read the article on