Reducing the impact of energy waste

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Reducing the impact of energy waste

There is no denying that energy management is increasingly becoming an economic issue. Growing concern about climate change has led the European Union to promote efficiency works that can reduce the impact of energy waste on our Planet. “Today, investing in energy management systems means gaining a great competitive advantage,” explains Marianna Benetti, owner of Veil Energy, “and we offer solutions for reducing energy consumption, managing prosumer energy systems, and we are active in waste heat recovery and reuse and solid-state heat pumps. Veil Energy is a certified Benefit Corporation (BCorp) and strives daily to deliver a positive impact to people, communities, and the environment.

“Our name reveals our mission: since Veil Energy was founded in 2013 in Bolzano, Italy, we’ve been committed to creating simple and flexible solutions that help corporate customers become more sustainable. We do this by revealing the energy hidden in the inefficiencies of production and energy use.”

Veli Energy makes software and tools suitable for small, medium, and large companies that want to take a concrete step toward the green transition: e.boost is the intelligent platform, adaptable to the needs of companies and individuals for energy efficiency management. It controls, manages, and optimizes energy consumption in companies of all sizes, enabling cost and waste reduction and a valuable aid to environmental sustainability.

“Specifically, e.boost optimizes energy production from photovoltaics and cogeneration by calibrating it to consumption, including based on weather and market data, and thanks to an in-house developed digital twin it automatically identifies energy waste and where maintenance is needed. Through optimized management and waste reduction and predictive maintenance, it guarantees savings of 7 to 30 percent of previous energy costs.”

The e.boost platform is declined for energy-hungry companies, hotels, large retailers, and now also for individuals participating of Renewable Energy Communities.

It is also known in the market as a valuable tool for increasing the productivity of energy production facilities (photovoltaic, hydroelectric, cogeneration, wind) thanks to our predictive maintenance algorithms.

“The other hidden energy we go to unveil is waste heat, from exhaust gases and waste products from industrial processing. With our thermal waste heat recovery product TEG we transform waste heat into electricity. We promote efficiency, recovery, and sustainability in production processes with our product line. In addition to generators, we also produce high-performance thermoelectric (Peltier) heat pumps for cooling portable coolers, power electronics, and batteries. Compared with conventional heat pumps, the volumes and weights are reduced by 30 to 50 percent, making the transportation of these items more sustainable. Since our product is energy efficiency, i.e., decarbonization, we have an impact business model that indirectly makes us do environmental sustainability and allowed us to get the points to certify ourselves Bcorp. Sustainability has always been in our DNA.”

Veil Energy is able to provide 360-degree support to its clients, following each mechanism of the production process step by step, identifying critical issues and proposing solutions to eliminate them or reduce their impact on energy waste, whether on large industrial machinery or simpler systems, such as heating an office.

“Many companies today legally need an Energy Auditor, and we aim to support them with our products. The energy consultant deals with everything related to energy management, from wasting the lights left on to recovering waste heat from industrial processes, analyzes company energy flows with a thorough audit according to EN 16247 standards, identifies energy efficiency improvement interventions, ranking them from the point of view of economic and environmental profitability, guides companies toward green transition, and helps the company obtain certifications and financing related to sustainability. We have certified EGEs on our staff to offer targeted energy consulting, because once waste is identified with e.boost it is important to help companies eliminate it with concrete actions. For us it is offering a useful service to companies, but also a moral commitment.”

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Veil Energy provides complete autonomy of control over customers’ key assets. Companies need efficient instrumentation and sustainable energy systems. Predictive maintenance is a way to ensure that these are always in perfect condition and provides significant savings in energy, time, and money. Catching possible failures of a system or industrial machinery in time is a big advantage across the board. With e.boost software, business managers are alerted to anomalies and possible failures of machinery and systems. In addition, predictive maintenance algorithms develop a true prediction of when and how they might fail.

Veil Energy is based in Bolzano.

e.boost is our intelligent platform, adaptable to the needs of businesses and individuals, for energy efficiency management. For those who would like to test it without obligation, a free demo is available on our website.

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