Climate Change

Aerial view of Singapore business district and city at twilight in Singapore, Asia

The Role of Green Tech in Sustainable Urban Development

See how green technology can play an important role in promoting sustainable urban development in growing populations.

clean energy, being used in sustainable production

Win-Win Strategies for Minimizing Waste Through Sustainable Production Methods

By proactively addressing the challenges, business can more effectively transition to sustainable production methods, and additional methods of waste management.

green technology concept

The Future of Green Technology: How Investing Now Can Make a Difference

The global march towards a greener, more sustainable future is accelerating at an impressive pace. In the past few years we’ve seen governments, businesses and individuals make tremendous progress in shifting away from practices that harm our planet while committing to processes and investments that offer a better outcome for both the environment and people.

climate change - crops wilting in too hot weather

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Climate Change Mitigation

Corporate culpability requires some responsibility on the part of business leaders if we're going to fully address the problem of climate change.

drought stricken land

Water is Essential: The Urgency of the Global Water Crisis

As global warming continues to put more strain on our planet's resources, businesses have an important role to play in helping the environment. Investing in sustainable solutions is one of the best ways for companies and individuals alike to make a positive contribution towards protecting our vital ecological systems.

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Cities struggling with the urban heat island

Resilient Cities: The Role of Energy in Urban Areas

Climate change has hit urban populations hard, creating multiple environmental and health challenges. Learn what they are, and how some cities are working together to make a lasting change.

plant growing indoors

How to Reform Food Systems to Combat Atmospheric Pollution

Reforming food systems is essential to combat atmospheric pollution and contributing to a better environment. Through concerted efforts, research and innovation in sustainable agriculture, we can create meaningful changes that will bring us closer towards achieving sustainability.

energy efficient concept

The Top 5 Most Energy Efficient Countries (and What We Can Learn From Them)

From Norway's carbon neutral goals to China's ambition electrification plans, each nation has something different to teach us about how we can work together globally towards reducing our environmental impact.

alternative energy sources: wind turbines and solar grids

Exploring Opportunities in Alternative Energy Sources

It's now more important than ever to explore opportunities in alternative energy sources. An undeniable fact is that burning fossil fuels have created a dangerous blanket of greenhouse gasses that has a severe impact on our environment and is the largest contributor to global CO2 emissions.

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