Five Things That Are Surprisingly Green

Most people in the world will concur that it makes sense to care for the planet we call home. Sometimes all it takes is picking the environmentally friendly alternative. Here are five surprise eco-friendly items.

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Understanding Your Carbon Footprint and How to Improve It

Not many people know how their actions affect the environment, even though in this age of sustainability and taking responsibility for our planet, it's very important.

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Dr. Walter Schindler – A poet, a scholar and Impact Investor

The best way to achieve a sustainable environment is not only through government initiatives but through market forces, says Walter Schindler.

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5 Ways You Can Help Combat Climate Change 

A rapidly increasing body of scientific findings has revealed that our climate change is due to human activity, and that any environmental progress so far achieved has been as a result of extraordinary efforts by individuals, local communities and businesses.

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Synthetic and Biological Research For a Sustainable Planet

While large-scale projects may be the most effective methods of addressing climate change and sustainability issues, they are also expensive, time-consuming, and not affordable for those who would take advantage of them.

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The Implications of Genetic Testing for Our Health

Technological progress has enabled our population to live longer, healthier lives. The development of genetic testing has allowed healthcare providers to gain valuable insights into patients' genetic backgrounds.

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The Missing Link: How Net-Zero Supply Chains are Mitigating Climate Change

The supply chains of companies are responsible for generating around 60% of all global carbon emissions, making them a critical target in the fight against climate change.

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How To Embrace A Culture Of Sustainability

Sustainability has become a new way of thinking for businesses. Many businesses are striving to be more sustainable and shift from a culture of consumption to stewardship.

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Impact Investing for Family Funds

Impact investment has become a familiar topic among financial professionals around the globe. It refers to investments that create measurable, positive impact for society as well as generate financial returns for investors.

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What Are The Most Promising Trends In Impact Investing? 

Impact investing considers, integrates, and values an investment decisions social, environmental, financial, and governance dimensions. Impact investment can be any investment made into a company or a project in which the investor expects a financial return while also impacting the world.

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