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The Ecology Center: A Model for Farming in Southern California

The Ecology Center, a 28-acre organic farm and nonprofit organization in San Juan Capistrano, California, started humbly. The educational center was born at the 1879 farmhouse of the Pony Express rider Joel Congdon. The one-acre historical site is the oldest wooden structure in the city, and was underutilized until Evan Marks, the Founder and Executive director of The Ecology Center, saw the potential in the space. (more…)

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Investing in Food as Medicine

Impact investors can invest in food as medicine to achieve good health and reduce healthcare spending. Learn about produce prescriptions, and the good they can do.

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Eating Invasive Species: A Multipurpose Solution?

Invasive species are a major driver of global species extinctions, second only to habitat loss. But what are invasive species, and how do they negatively impact our world?

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Farmer Incubation: Successful Case Studies

Food security and climate change mitigation are some of the most considerable challenges facing the next generation.

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food hub viability

The Viability of Food Hubs: Case Studies to Consider

Learn about the types of food hubs, the viability of each one, and case studies to help understand how food hubs can work.

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Investing in your health

The Most Profitable Investment You Can Make… Is In Your Own Health

Especially during a global pandemic, investing in our health is important. That investment includes maintains a nutrient rich diet that most effectively supports our immune system and overall well-being.

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Investing in Women Smallholder Farmers

Learn how investing in women smallholder farmers can address food security, improve economies, and address social inequities globally.

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