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Top Five Eco-Friendly Cities in the World

If you are planning a vacation, why not consider visiting one of these eco-friendly cities. These five cities have been recognized for their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

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How is Food Waste a Problem to Our Environment

Food waste is a significant problem in our environment. It takes up valuable space in landfills, creates methane gas as it decomposes, and contributes to climate change.

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Green Hydrogen’s Future is Starting Now: Resiliency and Sustainability in Impact Investing

Green hydrogen technology has the potential to be an important solution in the decarbonization process of the global economy.


Top Five Most Dangerous Polluting Industries

The effects of climate change are having far-reaching and dangerous impacts, including extreme weather, rising temperatures, and rising sea levels. Human activity is directly responsible for climate change. However, some polluting industries have a more dangerous effect than others.

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Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices to Watch Out For  

Climate-smart agriculture is a framework for sustainable and climate resilient farming practices. It is necessary to maintain the world's agricultural needs in the near future to sustain life on earth.

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A Beginner’s Guide: Easy Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing your carbon output is an important step in helping to curb the effects global warming has on not only our environment but our livelihoods.

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Five Things That Are Surprisingly Green

Most people in the world will concur that it makes sense to care for the planet we call home. Sometimes all it takes is picking the environmentally friendly alternative. Here are five surprise eco-friendly items.

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Understanding Your Carbon Footprint and How to Improve It

Not many people know how their actions affect the environment, even though in this age of sustainability and taking responsibility for our planet, it's very important.

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Dr. Walter Schindler – A poet, a scholar and Impact Investor

The best way to achieve a sustainable environment is not only through government initiatives but through market forces, says Walter Schindler.

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5 Ways You Can Help Combat Climate Change 

A rapidly increasing body of scientific findings has revealed that our climate change is due to human activity, and that any environmental progress so far achieved has been as a result of extraordinary efforts by individuals, local communities and businesses.

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