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5 Top Clean Energy Technology that is Currently Underrated

The world is facing the stark repercussions of climate change and global warming in both wealthy and impoverished nations.

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How Do Carbon Footprints Work?

Working to reduce the carbon footprint of your organization and investments is an important step in combating global warming. To do so, it's essential to understand how greenhouse gasses contribute emissions which can be attributed back to you or a collective group.

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Are Renewable Energy Sources Green?

Climate change and global warming continue to present a significant threat to the planet, with developing countries such as Kenya, Nigeria and Somalia experiencing drastic natural disasters due to shifts in weather patterns.

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How to Save the Planet (without even trying!)

Saving the planet without even trying is possible! The first step is to reduce your carbon footprint. This can be done by making small, simple changes in your everyday life.

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Green Technology That is Affordable

To reduce the impacts of global warming and climate change, green technology offers unique solutions. These technologies are environmentally-friendly as they do not contaminate air or bodies of water with pollutants such as greenhouse gases.

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The Use of Green Technology Will Impact the Economy

The green economy is a vital part of our future, not only for its environmental benefits but also because it will be an integral part in driving macroeconomic growth.

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Top Five Eco-Friendly Cities in the World

If you are planning a vacation, why not consider visiting one of these eco-friendly cities. These five cities have been recognized for their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

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How is Food Waste a Problem to Our Environment

Food waste is a significant problem in our environment. It takes up valuable space in landfills, creates methane gas as it decomposes, and contributes to climate change.

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Top Five Most Dangerous Polluting Industries

The effects of climate change are having far-reaching and dangerous impacts, including extreme weather, rising temperatures, and rising sea levels. Human activity is directly responsible for climate change. However, some polluting industries have a more dangerous effect than others.

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